We, as Eyegasmic Enterprises (“Company”), use cookies for providing a better user experience to our visitors with respect to websites and applications (together “Website”) visitors’ privacy and personal data protection rights. This Cookies Policy (‘’Policy’’), explains to our all website visitors and users what types of cookies are placed and what they are used for. You can see membership procedures and informative documents based on order in our website.


This Policy will be used without caring about which types of technologies, which methods and which types that are used during your visit to our website. For this reason, we recommend that you read carefully this Policy and take a copy for examining in the future.


What are Cookies and What are Cookies used for?

Cookies are small storing files saved on your computer, your mobile phones, your tablet or your other mobile devices that you get access from web browsers. Information about your visit to Website is hidden in this file. In this way, your devices which were got access will remember these data when you use this Website again. So, Cookies are necessary and important for using Website easily and effectively. Also, Cookies are used for offering suitable service, product presenting an eligible offer in our Website and in third parties’ websites.


Main purpose in use of Cookies,

  • Requirement for some technical data for using more effectively Website,
  • Collection of information about preferences and habits of usage and browsing by Company
  • Requirement for personal data like your IP address, in order to fulfill the legal and contractual obligations especially arising Law No. 5651 on the Regulation of Publications Made on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed by These Publications and Regulation on the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Regulation of Publications Made on the Internet,


Which types of data are processed with Cookies?

Cookies, in general, collect data about your usage and browsing preferences in device, which is accessed Website, but it depends on their different types. These data contain all information about pages visited, products being viewed, and your Website visit.

How we use different types of Cookies?
We use different types of Cookies in Websites. These are strictly necessary cookies for ensure to work Website, functionality cookies, analytics/performance cookies and targeting/advertising cookies.


Types of cookies in terms of usage:

Strictly necessary Cookies: These cookies are required for the Website to work properly. We need these cookies for managing the system, for preventing fictitious transactions. If they are blocked Website will not work.


Functionality Cookies: These Cookies are used for more advanced and easier usage experience. For example, remembering previous preferences will provide you with easy access to certain content on the Website. You can also prevent usage of these Cookies as described in detail below.


Analytics/Performance Cookies: These cookies are ensured analyzing and understanding the process of our Website and improve the Website as getting in contact with you.

Targeting/Advertising Cookies: These cookies are used to determine and offer interesting contents without excepting advertising contents to visitor. You can prevent usage of these cookies as described in detail below. But, blocking of the usage of these cookies won’t block completely advertising contents only if ads with general contents instead of ads that may only interest you will be offered.


Types of cookies in terms of storage time:

Persistent Cookies: They are stored in computer until deleted by the user or until a specified time. These cookies are usually used for evaluating preferences and browsing behavior of users.

Session Cookies: These cookies are used to separate users visit to different sessions and don’t collect data from user. A cookie will be deleted if user close Website or if user remain passive. Target and monitoring cookies are used for assist services especially advertising services of third parties in Website and improve this services’ efficiency. These cookies can remember visited web pages and sites and can collect personal data especially IP address.


The website uses first-party cookies and also third-party cookies for collecting information, reminding your interests and your demographical data, for presenting targeted advertisements, for ameliorating views of these advertisements, and also for determining the proportion of interaction between advertisement services. Website benefits from social plugin related to social networks such as Facebook and Linkedin. When you visit the Website or use these social plugins, the Website will connect directly to social network server. Then, the content that the social plugin present will be transmitted to your website server directly and will be added to your visited website. Consequently, social network can process as reach to your data and can combine with your relevant social network account data.


Please do not forget that we don’t have any control or impact on processed data by social networks through social plugins. Please examine carefully personal data policies published by social networks for taking more information about purpose, time and procedures of process.

How can you block the usage of Cookies?

You can block the usage of Cookies if you wish, even this usage provides a better service. But in this situation, Websites can’t show their function completely and please do not forget that also you can’t benefit from all qualities. For blocking usage of Cookies, you have to change your settings of your internet browser. These modifications depend on your device and internet browser